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Top 5 Restaurants Owned by Famous Celebrities


Dining in a classy restaurant is often a treat in our busy monotonous daily life. We need such intervals regularly else we might be just become machines following a mundane routine.

Finding a restaurant that serves top notch cuisine and diverse entertainment are rare to find. Such places often require advance booking in months. Luckily some stars have managed to swing such endeavors, making time for restaurants and their profession as well. This is a two in one for celebrities’ fans.


This list states of five such terrific places


  • Taste Chicago is a family restaurant in L.A a few blocks away from Burbank studios. The restaurant offers a wide & diverse menu. Including famous cheese cakes of Chicago & Bristot espresso. Though the place is just spacious enough but they offer take out as well. This establishment is owned by Joe Mantegna famous for his role in The God Father 3, 3 Amigos & Up close and Personal. The restaurant’s timings are 11 am -9 pm & 11 am -10pm on weekends.


  • Tagine commenced its work in the year 2006 offers a real & dandy Moroccan cuisine. Located in midst of Beverly Hills, CA. This place has an elegant candlelit environment. In short you get top notch dining. This setup is owned by Ryan Gosling.


  • Planet Hollywood in NY serves exquisite American cuisine, the interior showcases props & costumes from famous Hollywood films. This restaurant opened in 1999, co- owned by Sylvester Stallone.


  • Soul kitchen is a community restaurant. A unique concept is being used in this restaurant. There’s no price mentioned on the menu. The meals are of a diverse range. Served with optimum hygiene. Mostly organic based. The best part is you can have a free meal for yourself or your family. You just need to volunteer for the food you ate. It’s a kind of barter trade. If you can pay that’s well enough else the other option is stated above. This epic idea was actualized by the rock star Jon Bon Jovi. The restaurant is located at 207 Monmouth St.Red Bank, NJ 07701, United States.


  • Cafe Zoetrope is located at Columbus Ave, San Francisco. Offering primarily casual dining. With closing timings maximum by midnight. Widely known for the optimal level of services (including every aspect) provided. Medium pricing, the restaurant offers wine bar & Italian cuisine. Reserving a table is an easy option through online booking. This restaurant is owned by Francis Ford.




Some Interesting tips to create love for cooking in young generation

Kitchen is the place where you not only share healthy recopies with your family but also transfer tips, tricks & technique of cooking to your kids. It is very sad we are losing the art of cooking now a day because of having busy schedule. Our children especially young generation always prefers readymade quick food or fast food. What is reason behind this? It’s hard for busy parents to take their children in kitchen and share some tips, tricks, and techniques with children, reason behind this.

Usually children love to cook food in kitchen and enjoy a lot. With these, to include children in kitchen they always require hard work, some extra time & patience. Cooking with your children can help them get interested in cooking healthier food like fresh salad, roasting etc which turns their nose up and increase their hunger. In a result of teaching cooking tips, tricks and techniques of cooking with your children, children will leave readymade quick food not only, but also have structured meals with family and will always eat healthier food.

Whenever you go to market, bring your children with you. It will increase the level of interest in kitchen activities. To involve your children in planning of meal, preparation of meal and cutting of vegetables/fruits are the best tips to share cooking with your children.

Cooking with your children… why it’s so important to spend time with children at kitchen, just read out this.

  1. To spend time with your children gives a healthier life to your children.
  2. It makes strong bond with you and your children.
  3. It makes disease free life of your children
  4. It makes children feel proud that they are cooking for their families and feeling accomplished.
  5. It enables parents to spend more time your children.
  6. It gives healthier future to your children.
  7. It switch children from fast food to home healthier food
  8. This learning enables your children how they can make meal more delicious and tasty.
  9. Good as well as positive cooking experience creates self confidence in children.
  10. It gets closer children to you.
  11. At kitchen, parents have many opportunities and chance to appreciate the children.
  12. Sharing kitchen together, you can also thoughts, ideas and stories with you children.
  13. Cooking together gives a lot of time to spend with your children.

If you want to give a healthy life to your children, train them at kitchen and enjoy a happy kitchen as well cooking with them.

Six Healthier Ways to Cook your Food

The best way to use your vegetables is to utilize the vitamins and nutrients in it while cooking. Not all the cooking methods keep your food healthier like deep fry, cooking on direct coals which may increase your cholesterol level & increase risk of cancer respectively. Here are lots of methods which are healthier and keep your health safe.

Roasting Method

Roasting method is one of the healthier methods to cook food. You can roast either vegetable or meat.  Always use little amount (1 –2 table spoon) of oil for roasting vegetables or meat. If you want to give it some taste or make it delicious, add some salt and spices in it. If you want to cook frozen meat, keep frozen meat outside from the refrigerator and melt at room temperature. To roast your vegetables, always cut them in large piece because they will be very less oil on the surfaces of vegetables. If you are roasting your food in oven either gas or electricity, covered them with aluminum foil as they keep moisture in it.

Steaming Method

Another healthier method to cook food is to cook food with steam. For this method, just you need a saucepan and steam steel basket. When water gets boil in saucepan put steel basket (either having meat or vegetables) on boiling water and close its led for some time (10-20 mints). When vegetables get bright color, now the steam food is ready. If you want to give it some taste, during steaming put some lemon juice or spice in boiling water.

Braising Method

Braising method is another healthier method to cook meat or vegetables. For this method yo need a pan and cooking spray. Some time you need wine or another mixture of liquid. Till browning you will cook from both sides now your desire food is ready.

Stir Frying Method

Stir frying method consist of deep stir fry pan and little amount of oil. Now cut you vegetables or meat in small size and fry in till it gets cook. Now add some vegetables which you like in it, stir it with gently and smoothly with wooden spoon. Your healthier food is ready now.

Steam frying method

In this healthier method of cooking, both steam and frying cooking techniques are included. For this you need little amount of oil and a frying pan. Put your fry pan on medium heat and hot the oil. Now turn the temperature down and add some water in it & spices and cover it with led. After ten to fifteen minutes, take off the led, now your healthier 7 delicious food is ready.

Baking Method

Baking method is today a famous method to cook food. To bake your food, you just need marinated meat with spices, vinegar, and soya sauce & lemon juice and put in pre heated oven.