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Impress Your Family and Friends with Some Top and Amazing Cooking Tips

You try to impress our family and friends by doing something unique and amazing .It is very important that we should have knowledge about tastes and foods which our family and friends like and relish while eating them. By making the foods our friends and family like is the secret of wining their hearts. we can know about tastes of our friends and family by conversing with them about delicious foods and seasonal crops and asking for their opinion .Preliminary stage of cooking or making appetizing food is that you should observe hygienic principles in your kitchen and for this purpose you should always wash your hand, work area, utensils and cutting board before cutting any fruits or vegetables. Time limit is always there therefore you should choose those dishes which take less time for preparation.

Here are few tips for you which you can use when friends suddenly appear at your door; almost every one like to eat mango but the problem is that it is difficult to cut mangoes. First of all stand the mango on your cutting board hold and end-down, and repeat this cut on the other side. Cut the mangoes slices parallel, and also repeat this parallel cut on the other side. There is another method of cutting mangoes is that using a mango splitter. It is a very easy method to cut mangoes.

Mostly people love to eat hard-boiled egg, but hate peeling them. The simplest method to peel off the egg is that there are the dime-sized holes in both ends of the egg. Blow one hole and the shell pop right off.

There is another problem which we all face that our salad does not remain fresh for a long time.. So there is a very simple method to keep our salad fresh for a long time .Place empty bowl in refrigerator for about 30 minutes after that place salad in that bowl it will remain fresh for long time.

Here is another problem with the roast chicken that the skin of it is un-crispy. Before you roasting the chicken, you can use a hair dryer. This will remove some of the fats that are present on the skin. We can also use the hair dryer for melting the chocolate that is used to garnish the cake and it will give a glossy look to the cake. If you can’t open the jar, use the bottle opener to open the jar and this will unscrew easily.

Some Top Cooking Advices for Better Cooking

Mostly people don’t have much time to go to cooking school. Cooking can be simple and easy by follow some advices. You can get more professional skills in cooking by reading some advices. Here are top ten cooking advices to make your cooking skills more professional.

Hold tightly your chef’s knife

Make sure that sharp chef’s knife is available for cutting. Hold knife from its handle in such a way that thumbs is at one side & fingers are on other side. Hold knife tightly. A sharp and wide knife will make cutting easy. Also, speed of cutting can be increased by using sharp knife.

Take best ingredients

For cooking, choose best ingredients. You must buy the ingredients that will add taste to food and more importantly they need to be fresh items. It makes food even more delicious.

Work with hands

The most sophisticated cooking tool is our hands. Hands can be used to check the taste of cooked meat. Always try to keep hands free of germs. Cooking is directly linked with hands.

Use sea salt instead of table salt.

Table salt has poor taste as compared to sea salt. Sea salt is better than table salt. Sea salt makes your food more delicious and tasty. Use of no salt makes food flat in taste. Try to use sea salt. Seas salt has more salty taste.

Put little amount in pan when sauteing

Be sure that pan doesn’t contain much amount of food. Too much food in pan creates steam in pan. Maximum amount of food also decreases temperature. It is difficult to brown food in pan with much food.

Reduce liquid when pot roasting

Try to reduce liquids like sauces, vinegar when pot roasting. Pot roasting is actually braising of meat or vegetable.

Preserve nutrients of vegetables.

Nutrients and vitamins in vegetables can be preserved by steam or stir frying method. Try to use methods of steaming or stir frying. Say no to deep frying methods in cooking.

Healthy dressing

Fresh vegetables, herbs, vinegar fat free sauces can be used for dressing. Try to use these dressings for better health. Cholesterol level and blood pressure can be controlled by such type of dressings.

Use freezer wisely

Freeze your food with some care. Use separate bowls for each food you want to freeze. Keep in mind that freezing food only be used once after melting ice.

Use less amount of canned food

Canned food has much more sodium content in it. Always look for the low sodium veggies in canned foods. Try to use fresh vegetables in cooking.




Top10 Holiday Cooking Ideas

Holiday is a day on which people often have no work to do and it is considered as a day of celebration. The holidays are about the spending time with family and relaxing. But that does not mean you can’t get some fun. This celebration can be done by spending a lot of time with our family members or friends; we can enjoy cooking some simple and delicious dishes.

Here are some things you can prepare for your family as simple food on the holiday. First of all wash your hand before, during and after food preparation. Select your recipes and make sure that all the ingredients’ are available. Wash all the things that you use in preparing food. Now prepare the casual foods such as appetizers, and candies. You can even make candies ideal for the kids to make them happy. Snacking is important if you plan to eat late.

If you want to make your child’s mood happy then prepare the Light Christmas cookie it is very easily cooked. In this recipe faces and buttons are most popular. And children would enjoy and will be very happy. Shapes and funny faces make kids happy and they enjoy eating light Christmas cookies.

Now prepare the food, whenever you are cooking alone, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help, it will make your life and holiday much comfortable. You must make something having a simple recipe than the complicated one. If you want to make your holiday more special, then make the Italian cookies, American cookies, Germen cookies or Canadian cookies etc. These all cookies are better when topped with your favorite chocolate icing. They all are the best cookies and easily prepare.

Now arrange the table for the lunch. If you have a separate dining table then decorate it and ask the kids to help in the decoration and preparation of the table so that there would be a contribution from their side also. If something is missing in your holiday then don’t be upset and enjoy it in spending good time with your family.

Make sure that the food you have prepared is not only delicious but as safe as possible and healthy for your family. Food safety is probably a special challenge during the holidays. To keep your holiday gathering memorable, it’s important to take steps to protect your family from-burned food.