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Dishes You Need To Avoid Serving

donut-791837_640When we think about unhealthy eating habits, images of junk food, alcohol and smoking usually come into mind. Many individuals look to supplement their work – out routines  and active lifestyle with a wholesome eating plan. It is however, important to note that there are a number of food items that we are exposed to everyday which seem harmless but can actually do untold damage to our bodies.

One such food class comes in the form of processed baked confectionary. When shopping, there is the temptation to pick the odd bagel, doughnut or muffin before checking out at the till. While this may seem like a risk-free snack, if indulged in moderation, they can actually have devastating results. For one, this food group introduces a lot of unnecessary sugar in one’s body leading to such conditions as diabetes and heart disease. In addition to that, because of the massive amount of preservatives they have, they can be on the store shelves for long periods before being purchased.

Second to these, most dieticians, dentists and general practitioners alike prefer that people cut sodas out of their diet altogether. Some research has gone as far as to equate a single helping of soda to the equivalent amount of water with 10 sachets of sugar in it. Substituting sodas and other fizzy drinks with plain old water is about the best thing one can do for themselves.

Though they are lauded as being the best convenience start to a great breakfast, sugary cereal and flavoured breakfast meals can cause major health problems.  These have a high gluten and sugar content which cause inflammation in the body and bring the obvious problems associated with elevated sugar levels. There are also skin complications such as breakouts that may result. One may be better off having a fruit, egg or other organic foods to start the day.

All said, dietary changes needn’t be monumental or extraordinary. By eliminating unnecessary elements such as sugar, fat and gluten from your diet, you can do much better for yourself than would be the case with a glamorous yet ineffective diet.

Eat Right And Live Longer

watermelon-846357_640It goes without argument that what we eat has a huge bearing on the length and quality of life that we lead. This notion has come into sharp focus in recent years, where so many nutritional disorders like obesity, bulimia and anorexia have become more commonplace, especially in young people. Lifestyle changes such as exercise and calorie counting have proven to be of minimal benefit and the majority of sufferers have resigned themselves to a life of unhealthy eating and the negative health repercussions that result.

There is however, an intervention that can be of great effect if practiced regularly with discipline. Though all food has some level of nutritional value, there are some that are especially nifty when it comes to enriching one’s health and quality of life.

For one, egg yolks have received a lot of negative press in recent years, owing to the perceived high cholesterol content they have. This has however been disproven on various platforms and surprisingly, research has shown that the yolk is the most nutritive part of the egg.  While the egg – white is packed predominantly with protein, the highest density of nutrients lies in the yolk. Avoiding it, as such, deprives your body of the much needed nutrition afforded by a whole egg.

Another hub of nourishment, for those who can stomach it, are the numerous organs found in animals. While this may not be an option for vegetarians or vegans, it is worth noting that animal organs such as liver, heart, kidneys and yes, the brain, are the most nutritious, with the liver leading the pack. Full to the brim with vitamins, minerals and other significant supplements, including this food source in your diet can work wonders for your immune system and general good health.

Coming to the greens, Kale stands head and shoulders above most salads and processed ‘health foods.’ Packed with calcium, fibre, potassium and vitamins, this wondrous plant is a full cocktail of nutrients. The great thing about Kale is that the nutrients it contains far outweigh its caloric content, making it a sensible choice for those looking to be healthy while watching their figure.

In addition to the above, there are a number of other naturally – occurring foodstuffs that aid in giving an enhanced quality of life. The key is in doing your homework and watching what you eat.

Healthy Cooking For A Hectic Lifestyle

making-food-982410_640In today’s world, there are numerous demands that we have to meet on a daily basis. From corporate obligations to familial responsibilities, the average individual is faced with less and less time to oneself. An unfortunate result is that many people end up eating unhealthy ‘’convenience foods’’ or even skipping meals to then focus on activities that are otherwise deemed more important. This has become the norm for most families, but does it have to be?

There are some trusted tips that one can employ towards a healthier, more affordable diet that fits into a challenging daily routine. For starters, it is worth noting that a stocked pantry saves you undue trips to the supermarket. This gives a wealth of ingredients that can be put together to come up with delectable dishes. By purchasing long – life foods such as pastas, soups , casseroles and canned meats one allows for readily available and healthy food options right at the tip of one’s finger.

For those who work irregular and / or long hours, serving up extra portions is another good way to cut down on time spent in front of the stove. When preparing dishes, making double the amount of what you normally eat, means you are left with ready – made meals that you can stock pile in the refrigerator for those times when you are in need of a quick snack. Because they are prepared in advance, when time is not pressing, they are healthy with the necessary nutrients to keep you going during the day.

Another nifty tip to make the cooking routine a bit easier is to cook the night before. If you have a family that relentlessly requires your attention, when everyone has gone to bed, cook your meals in preparation for the next day. Keep in mind the calories you need and any other nutritional requirements you may have. This affords hearty meals that are well thought out and help to free up time during the day.  There are definitely numerous ways to fit healthy cooking in a busy schedule and the key lies in advance preparation and planning.