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Eating Healthy and Feeling Healthy

Food and your health go hand in hand. If you eat unhealthy, you will feel unhealthy. As we get older, our diet becomes more integral to our well-being. We can longer finish a pizza then go to a club to dance the night away. But, we can still feel like a teenager if we eat the right diet. Here are a few simple tips to eating healthy and feeling healthy.

It is important to eat a variety of foods. You need over 40 different nutrients for a good health, and no single food can supply them all. In today’s modern world, we have access to a large variety of foods to choose from. Plan your meals out for the week, this way you can manage what you eat and make sure that you are getting a little bit of everything.

Make sure that you are eating enough foods that are rich in carbohydrates. More than half the calories that you take in should come from foods like bread, pasta, rice, cereals and potatoes.

You should try to eat at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. They provide very important protective nutrients to help you stay and feel healthy.

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to stay healthy, you just have to eat moderate portions. Having a good diet means not over-eating. You can still enjoy your favorite ice-cream, as long as the portion size is reasonable.

It’s also very important that we eat regularly. Skipping meals can lead to overeating or snacking on junk food to replace the meal we missed.

Fluids is a big part of a healthy diet. You need to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid a day. Water is obviously the best choice, but changing it up a little also helps. Orange juice in the morning will give you a boost of vitamins, while a warm cup of milk at night will not only provide you with some calcium, but it will also help your body relax so you can sleep better.

Eating healthy is an important factor in keeping you healthy for many years to come, but if you don’t add any physical activity in your life it may be all for nothing. I simple 30 minute walk combined with a healthy diet can keep you feeling young for years to come.