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5 useful tips for your cooking

In this article we decided to put some interesting and useful tips in order to make the process of cooking easier and with more fun! Enjoy!

  1. How do you crack your eggs?

Have you ever cracked the egg with your knife or any other sharp object? You’ve done wrong! The shell’s parts could easily get into your meal and bring some troubles to you! You’d better use something flat, like the table. In such case the egg’s shell will be removed totally.

  1. Make some sauces with the ready-to-eat components

Some of the ‘parts’ of your dish can be made of the ready ones. For example, you can take ready pizza-basis from the shop and fill it with your own ingredients. It will be tasty and easy to do!

  1. Refresh the sauce for leftover products

If you’ve got any product left from your yesterday party, you can make it delicious again! Just add new sauce – and, believe it or not, it will taste differently! Pizza, pasta or even some sweet cakes can be ‘refreshed’ with some new components.

  1. Keep your knives sharpened

You can’t even imagine, how important is your knives’ sharpness! Dull edge can either spoil your dishes, or make you nervous too. Don’t forget to sharpen your knife often in order to keep it always sharp and easy-to-use.

  1. Mash bananas… right in their peels!

Have you ever thought of an opportunity to mash banana easily, right with your hands and with no big mess. Just do it inside the banana’s peel, so that it will be much simpler.