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Watermelon seeds – a natural source of nutrients

Everyone likes watermelons! It’s a delicious berry, which is one of the most popular products in summer, due to its freshing taste. However, another reason for consuming watermelon is its useful properties, which we are going to discuss in this article. In particular, we are going to tell more about the watermelon seeds, which are not consumed by most of the people. Our research shows, that adding watermelon seeds to your tea is a good step for improving your health. Here is why.


The watermelon seeds contain fiber – a nutrient, regulating the waste removal in our body. Fiber is good for cleaning our organism, it’s stored in fruits and vegetables as well.

2.Diuretic properties

Another reason for consuming the watermelon seeds is their diuretic properties. Thanks to them, our body is able release all the toxins and wastes. Watermelon seeds also improve the urinal function and prevent one more health problem – the formation of stones in kidney.


It may be difficult to believe in, but the watermelon seeds are also a good source of antioxidants. They include zinc and magnesium, which are so needed for the proper functioning of our organism.


One more surprising fact about the seeds of a watermelon is the amount of energy they store. You can compare it by yourself: 100 grams of watermelon contain something like 20 calories, while a hundred grams of its seeds can give our organism about 550 calories. As you can see, the difference is amazing.



A universal product for your health

Have you heard anything about the applesauce? Or do you know, how it tastes like? In this article we’d like to tell you more about the applesauce, its benefits for your health and the way it can be cooked easily.

First of all, let’s point out, that the recipe of this product is pretty simple. Besides, it’s a traditional tool for improving your health. Even when we were kids, our grandmother or mother could give us this delicious, but simple product.

Second, it is pretty cheap, due to its main ingredient availability – apples. So, everyone can cook this rich and tasteful source of antioxidants and nutrients.

There are several benefits of applesauce, which we would like to mention about:


  • Anti-aging: in order to stay healthy and strong in any age, you can consume apples, rich for the C-vitamin. It helps protecting your body cells, which guarantees a good health.
  • Digestion improvement: apple is rich of fiber, which is a key element for our digestion. The nutriologists claim that an adult needs about 25 grams of fiber per day – this requirement can be easily met, if you consume applesauce on a regular basis.
  • Appetite restoration: apples, – the main ingredient of the applesauce, can help restore your appetite, if you have any eating disorders. It’s also a good product for being consumed by people, who have no physical ability to chew any hard food.


Surely, there are much more benefits, which we could mention, but let’s skip them and more to the actual recipe of an applesauce. Read more about it in our next article.


The best product for your hair growth

The hair loss is a common problem for millions of women all over the world. There is nothing special in this – the majority of women are proud of their hair (if not all of them); it’s their attribute of beauty as well. However, bad nutrition and lack of some nutrients, either as using some unnatural products for dying and washing, result in bad conditions for women’s hair. How is it possible to fight this problem? Scientists claim, that there is a group of products, which can resolve this issue.Coconut oil is one of them.

Its extract can be included in some cosmetical products for hair care. However, the best way to use its benefits is making a remedy with this oil and powdered Ceylon cinnamon as well. You should wash your hair with this mixture, in order to make it strong and beautiful.

The reason for such a great benefit from using a coconut oil lies in its vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil is a source of magnesium, selenium and copper – they influence either your hair, or your skin positively.

Also you should include products with these elements in your diet. They will result in the beautiful hair of yours in a couple of weeks.

However, the doctors recommend using coconut oil externally two times a week for a month. This should be a kind of mask for your hair, which would be applied before you go to sleep (so that it could affect). After this some pause in usage is recommended.

Another smoothie for weight-loss

You have probably noticed, how popular fruits and vegetables smoothies are. They are consumed either by sportsmen, who need more protein in order to grow their muscles; or by women, who need more their fat to get burnt. In this article we describe another smoothie, which can help you lose your weight easily. Its benefit is in its simplicity and a good taste. So, prepare your note and wrote down the recipe.

Everything we need, in order to prepare our smoothie, is a lemon, green apple and grapefruit. All of these components are affordable in any supermarket around the corner, so they are easy-to be-found. The process of preparation of this smoothie is simple as well: just grab 1 piece of each mentioned product and add them to blender with a cup of water. If this mix seems to you a little bit sour, you can add one spoon of honey. The smoothie is ready to drink.

The features of the listed products are amazing. Green apple fastens your metabolism, balances the sugar level in your blood and provides you with a fiber. Lemons allow you to absorb nutrients better, provide you with a C-vitamin and recude the level of fat in your organism. Grapefruits can help to clean your organism, removing all of the wastes.

You should consume the described smoothie after your meal, once a day. Nutritionists claim, that the visible changes will appear after the 3-4 weeks of such a diet.

Why you should definitely stop eating in front of TV

It’s a familiar issue, isn’t it? It seems so convenient to watch TV and consume your foods at the same time. However, scientists claim, that such meals are harmful for your organism. In this article we describe, why it is so harmful.

Humans can only pay their attention to one process. If we eat – we point our attention on our meal, its taste, smell and the amount only. If we watch the TV – our brain analyzes, what’s happening there at the screen. So that we can’t follow both processes at the same time.

And if you have a got a choice, what would you pay more attention to – your cereal or a “Friends” series? Of course, the answer is obvious, – you just skip your breakfast, according to your mind. So that the only thing your brain remembers is TV programme, favourite serial episode, advertising, but not the process of your meal having.

As a result, our stomach can’t feel, whether its full or not properly, with no eye contact with your food. So that your organism won’t be able to state definitely, that it’s not hungry, – you just don’t feel nothing. So you continue on eating more, including some snacks, ice-cream or sandwiches into your menu.

The results are awful: nutritionists claim, that such a simple thing, as eating with TV, can bring you to obesity easily. This problem is especially actual if we are talking about the kids, which focus their attention on a TV-show more.

What’s the solution? Spend time with your family. It’s better to sit in silence together or discuss some important news, some plans or even some of your last books, that you’ve read. Believe me, it will bring you much more joy and pleasure, than any TV content.