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Some fridge tips for your kitchen

Frindge is probably a central element on every kitchen, just like a cooker. It stores our food, saving it possible for the further consumption. That’s why you should definitely care of it well.

In this article we’d like to show you some interesting tips for caring for your refridgerator.

1.The temperature

The specialists advise to set the medium temperature – around 5 degrees Celsius. It’s optimal either for storing the food fresh, or for the energy consumption of the device. Sometimes you can check the temperature on a special controlling wheel, in order to make sure, that it wasn’t reset.

2.Overloading the fridge

When you have some party, lots of food may be left in the fridge. The specialists recommend avoid such an overloading for your refridgerator. It impacts the device we are talking about negatively and doesn’t allow cool air to circulate inside.

3.Sort the products

There is such a goodrule, used in the supermarkets. According to it, the fresher products should be put behind the ‘bought-before’ ones. It allows not to forget things, which were purchased earlier.

4.Don’t keep the door opened

It may sound silly, but the work of your fridge depends on how often and for how long it’s opened. The less you keep it opened – the better for your refridgerator.

5.Keep your fridge clean

It’s important to keep your refridgerator always clean. It allows avoiding some unpleasant smells from the inside.

Some chicken tips

Chicken is actually a universal product, which can be basic for preparing lots of dishes. Their taste depends just on the way you cook it and the way you consume it. Chicken is a popular product, but it also needs some simple tips, which we’d like to give you in this article. So, let’s start.


As a rule, a chicken meat is stored in a frozen condition. It allows saving it for a pretty long period of time. On the other hand, you should derost it, before you are going to cook the meat. So, you can do it in three ways: using a cold water, using a refrigerator and a microwave.

2.Liquid in the package

Many people are afraid of the liquid in the package, whether it’s a blood or some undefined liquid. They think that it’s a sign of a bad meat, which is unsafe to consume. It’s false. It’s normal for chicken meat, because it’s just the sign that the chicken was chilled.

3.The temperature of cooking

The perfect temperature of cooking a chicken is 82-85 degrees Celsius. It allows either to make a delicious dish, or to eliminate all of the dangerous bacterias, which could be presented in a poultry.

4.Consuming the chicken from a supermarket

When you buy a chicken, prepared in a supermarket, you should consume it just within 2 hours. It allows save its taste and consume it before any dangerous bacterias will apear inside.

Be careful of Salmonella

Many people love eating eggs. They consume this product daily, cooking omelets, fried, boiled or poached eggs on a regular basis, as a standalone dish. However, just a few of us think of how eggs may be dangerous. In this article we’d like to tell more about this.

Let’s start with a general description of Salmonella. It’s a bacteria, which can be found in animals. The most common source of this bacteria are birds. Salmonella transfer a dangerous disease – Salmonellosis, which may infect a human’s body within just 12-72 hours right after the consumption of the food. As a result, such effects, as vomiting, strong headache, diarrhea may occur.

Salmonella can be found in eggs. If you don’t cook the eggs you consume in a proper way, the bacteria won’t be eliminated and may get inside your body, causing the infection. It means, that some special steps should be made, in order to prevent this disease. They are pretty simple: cook the egg, wash your hands and all of the inventory, which contacted with eggs.

Some people think, that due to the risk of being infected, they should not eat eggs; they refuse from many simple and tasty dishes, which can be cooked with this product. We can surely say, that they do it in vain. Preventing of salmonellosis is really simple, and following the given advices will be your guarantee for avoiding the bacteria.

So you can eat eggs, but don’t forget about your safety.

Canned foods everything worth knowing

The mankind envented canned foods several hundreds of years ago. First they were used in some extreme situations, like the sea trips or the battlefronts; but today we also eat canned beans, corn and many other vegetables, fruits, kinds of fish and meat as well. What should you know about the canned foods? Let’s talk about that.


First of all, let’s discuss the term of storing canned products. Many people don’t really know, for how long their canned products can be stored. Some say, that the optimal term is equal 12-18 months, while others claim that these products are ready to be stored for 2-3 years. We can surely say, that it depends on the quality of the canned food and on its package. The real term of possible storing must be always mentioned on the product by the manufacturer.


Another important thing, related to the canned products is a damaged package. How should you act in such a situation? Well, the specialists say, that everything depends on the kind of damage your product has. If there is any specific odour, or you see any spurting liquid – you should get rid of such food. Though, if the damage is much less serious, – it won’t bring any harm.


Storing of a canned food after it has been opened is also an important issue. Once the can has been opened, you should prepare your food properly (heaten it till it will be ready). Another solution is a deep freezing of a product.