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Some fridge tips for your kitchen

Frindge is probably a central element on every kitchen, just like a cooker. It stores our food, saving it possible for the further consumption. That’s why you should definitely care of it well.

In this article we’d like to show you some interesting tips for caring for your refridgerator.

1.The temperature

The specialists advise to set the medium temperature – around 5 degrees Celsius. It’s optimal either for storing the food fresh, or for the energy consumption of the device. Sometimes you can check the temperature on a special controlling wheel, in order to make sure, that it wasn’t reset.

2.Overloading the fridge

When you have some party, lots of food may be left in the fridge. The specialists recommend avoid such an overloading for your refridgerator. It impacts the device we are talking about negatively and doesn’t allow cool air to circulate inside.

3.Sort the products

There is such a goodrule, used in the supermarkets. According to it, the fresher products should be put behind the ‘bought-before’ ones. It allows not to forget things, which were purchased earlier.

4.Don’t keep the door opened

It may sound silly, but the work of your fridge depends on how often and for how long it’s opened. The less you keep it opened – the better for your refridgerator.

5.Keep your fridge clean

It’s important to keep your refridgerator always clean. It allows avoiding some unpleasant smells from the inside.

Some chicken tips

Chicken is actually a universal product, which can be basic for preparing lots of dishes. Their taste depends just on the way you cook it and the way you consume it. Chicken is a popular product, but it also needs some simple tips, which we’d like to give you in this article. So, let’s start.


As a rule, a chicken meat is stored in a frozen condition. It allows saving it for a pretty long period of time. On the other hand, you should derost it, before you are going to cook the meat. So, you can do it in three ways: using a cold water, using a refrigerator and a microwave.

2.Liquid in the package

Many people are afraid of the liquid in the package, whether it’s a blood or some undefined liquid. They think that it’s a sign of a bad meat, which is unsafe to consume. It’s false. It’s normal for chicken meat, because it’s just the sign that the chicken was chilled.

3.The temperature of cooking

The perfect temperature of cooking a chicken is 82-85 degrees Celsius. It allows either to make a delicious dish, or to eliminate all of the dangerous bacterias, which could be presented in a poultry.

4.Consuming the chicken from a supermarket

When you buy a chicken, prepared in a supermarket, you should consume it just within 2 hours. It allows save its taste and consume it before any dangerous bacterias will apear inside.

Raw VS Cooked

There is a big discussion between nutritionists and some healthy lifestyle fans, related to the proper condition of the food. They argue, whether our traditional products, like potatoes or carrot, should be raw or cooked. The question is, which of them delivers its best properties to our organism, being in one of these condition. So, let’s talk about this in the article.

It’s worth mentioning, that any product has its own specific properties and useful elements, which can be absorbed by our body when they are cooked or raw. For example, carrots, tomatoes and asparagus contain antioxidants, which are necessary for our body. However, getting them is complicated with some cells. Cooking these products, you destroy the cells and make them easier to be absorbed by the body.

On the other hand, there are such products, as ‘veggies’, fruits and different greens (like broccoli). This whole group of products include those, which need to stay raw.

Your choice

Of course, you can choose on your own, whether you want to cook some fruit or vegetable, or not. It’s up to your taste – but, at the same time, you should not forget about the information, given below. Some of the products need to be fresh or cooked, depending on their properties.

When you care of saving all of the useful elements in the products you buy, you should also pay attention to some other factors. For example, think well, if the vegetables and fruits didn’t lose them while their transportation.

Keep an eye on your portions

Scientists claim, that the size of portions we eat influences our health directly. So, if you eat more, than you need – some problems with heart and other parts of your body may arise. That’s why in this article we’d like to give you some simple tips, which will be useful for you.

1.Wait before having a second meal

Sometimes we finish our meal and feel hungry. In such cases, most of us have second meal, what results in having too large portion. Nutritionists advice to wait for 15-20 minutes instead. This time will show you, if your body really needs anything more.

2.’Side’ dishes

Do you eat bread or chips with your ‘main’ dish, like soup or pasta? Than you can count them as two full dishes! The reason for this lies in the amount of calories we get. However, you may even miss it. If you have ‘double’ meal, get a smaller portion of the ‘main’ dish, in order to balance your calories consumption.

3.Measuring is the solution

When you cook any dish (like potato, rice, pasta and so on), you should definitely know the amount of calories you consume. You can count them, using special measuring cups. They show, how much grams of product you get for a dinner.

Actually, keeping eye on your portions is simple, but effective way, that leads to the healthy way of life. So, don’t eat more, than you need – and be happy!

Watermelon seeds – a natural source of nutrients

Everyone likes watermelons! It’s a delicious berry, which is one of the most popular products in summer, due to its freshing taste. However, another reason for consuming watermelon is its useful properties, which we are going to discuss in this article. In particular, we are going to tell more about the watermelon seeds, which are not consumed by most of the people. Our research shows, that adding watermelon seeds to your tea is a good step for improving your health. Here is why.


The watermelon seeds contain fiber – a nutrient, regulating the waste removal in our body. Fiber is good for cleaning our organism, it’s stored in fruits and vegetables as well.

2.Diuretic properties

Another reason for consuming the watermelon seeds is their diuretic properties. Thanks to them, our body is able release all the toxins and wastes. Watermelon seeds also improve the urinal function and prevent one more health problem – the formation of stones in kidney.


It may be difficult to believe in, but the watermelon seeds are also a good source of antioxidants. They include zinc and magnesium, which are so needed for the proper functioning of our organism.


One more surprising fact about the seeds of a watermelon is the amount of energy they store. You can compare it by yourself: 100 grams of watermelon contain something like 20 calories, while a hundred grams of its seeds can give our organism about 550 calories. As you can see, the difference is amazing.