4 tips to make your cooking better

Cooking may also be improved. There are so many useful tips and tricks that improve your cooking, making your dishes much better. We would like to familiarize you with some of these tips.

1.Match the temperature of your plates to the temperature of your dishes

When you invite some guests to your kitchen, one of the things that you should take care of is the temperature of your plates. If you match it to the temperature of your dishes, your guests will be much more pleased with such kind of service. Eating hot food from hot plates is much better – your food doesn’t cool down. Use oven for this aim.

2.Use a wooden cutting board

There is a plenty of cutting boards on the market, which may suit your requests. But according to cooking experts, the wooden cutting boards are much better than the plastic ones. They damage the knives less than any other kind of board; besides they look more attractively as well. Wooden cutting boards, as a rule, are even much more affordable.

3.Reduce the bitterness of your ice tea

Any ice tea is a great idea, but it still has several problems. One of them is its bitterness, that can be reduced as well. Simply but baking soda into your cup and you will see the difference.

4.Try adding vodka to your pie

Vodka is the best solution for your pie if want it to become tender and flaky. All you should do is adding some of this alcoholic drink to the pot. You won’t feel the taste of vodka, but you’ll notice some positive changes in the texture of your pie.

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