Basic Tools For Every Kitchen – Part One

Just like workers on a construction site have their tools, chefs in the kitchen need to have their own. No matter if you’re a professional cooker or you just enjoy cooking at home, there are some things every kitchen needs to possess.

Food processor – A food processor is one of those things you could get by without, but then you do get one and wonder why you didn’t get it sooner. A food processor is not a cheap appliance, but it’s definitely a smart investment.

Cutting board – This is so obvious, but it has to be mentioned on this list. Make sure your cutting board is a sturdy one that you will want to reach for again and again. Cheap plastic cutting boards don’t last long, it’s better to buy a nice wooden one.

Skillet – It would be nice to have both a nonstick and stainless steel pan, but if you have to choose between them, go with stainless steel. Again, not cheap, but a great investment.

Knife – A really great knife and some basic cutting tools could be the thing that takes you from being a cooking novice to chopping vegetables with ease.

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