Basic Tools For Every Kitchen – Part Two

In our previous article, we’ve started a list of basic tools every chef needs to have in their kitchen. Here we bring you the rest of it.

Mixing/prep bowls – There’s never enough of these bowls. Very affordable ones can be found everywhere, and it’s recommended to have lots of them, in different sizes and shapes.

Baking sheet – Look for a non-stick, non-dark, rimmed baking sheet, and you’ll find them at a reasonable price. You can use it while roasting vegetables, cooking meat, baking cookies. It can even be used as a sheet for cake. Once you try it you won’t be able to imagine your life without it anymore.

Measuring spoons and cups – While looking for a measuring soon, keep in mind that it has to be practical. Look for ones that have long, detachable handles. When it comes to measuring cup, try to find a large 2-Cup measuring cup for liquids and flat-bottomed cups for dry ingredients.

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