Do you like avocados?

Avocados are so amazing! They are the real star in so many recipes. This fruit also has so many nutrients and vitamins, so demanded by our body. But there are some problems with avocados. The first one is its quite high price. It may cost as much as $3 if you don’t buy it in its season. So, consuming them regularly maybe not so cheap. The second problem is that it ripens too quickly. If you wait some time until open it, you will have to throw this brown mess away.

While some people simply refuse consuming avocados, others created a way to store it for a longer time. Freezing is the answer! This solution is so great that even the Tesco supermarkets used it for selling more avocados to their customers. They offer a pack of frozen avocado pieces, which are ready for usage.

If you don’t have Tesco in your neighbourhood, you still have an opportunity to freeze this fruit on your own. There are several ways to do it. The first one is chopping a fruit into halves and packing it in a Ziploc bag. Such an approach guarantees that your avocado will store as long as it’s needed. The second strategy that could be used by you is blending a fruit to a puree. You should also add some lemon juice for preventing it from becoming brown.

Freezing is also a great solution because it doesn’t allow to store the fruit for a long period of time only. It also saves all of its nutrients and vitamins! That’s why this method is so loved by the people, who care about what they eat.

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