How to reheat your leftovers easily?

Leftovers are perfect when you don’t want to waste much time cooking something new. Imagine: you just come home, spend a couple of minutes on reheating your meal and enjoy it soon.

But the task is not so simple, as it may seem. Different types of food should be reheated in different ways. Let’s discuss them in this article!

The first thing that needs to be mentioned relates to the way you reheat anything. If you use the microwave, the process is simplified: the waves heat your dish from the inside. The classic oven works in a different way, heating your food from the outside.

1.Cut large items into smaller pieces.

If you cook pizza or lasagna, it may be too big for eating at once. That’s why you will reheat them in the future sometimes more. In order to avoid heating the whole item, you should cut the chunks and heat them separately. It will make your dish stay fresh longer.

2.Some dishes are tastier in the oven.

The microwave is fast and convenient way, but it may not suit some types of food. It can make your pizza less crispy, for example. That’s why people often use the oven for heating pasta, pizza, vegetables and other dishes. In this way, they become tastier.

3.Defrost frozen food first.

If you froze your dishes for making them fresh for much longer time, you should remember: defrosting is required before cooking. If you miss this step, your dish will be prepared on the surface, staying frozen inside.

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