Turmeric And Your Health

Although it seems that we are just now discovering the many benefits the golden spice turmeric has to offer, India has been taking advantage of it for over four thousand years. Not only does it add a wonderful flavor, but used in combination with other bioactive herbs, turmeric has been known to support normal digestion while regulating digestive hormones, bile and gastric acid. However, the health benefits of this spice don’t end there. Here are some ways people around the world use this spice for improving their lives.

Turmeric For Inflammation

In Nepal, a powdered form of the turmeric root is used on wounds, sprains, swollen joints and even bruises to help speed the healing process.

Turmeric For The Colon

This miracle spice supports balance between the microbiota and the immune response in the colon. It also encourages the colonic crypts to regenerate and heal.

Turmeric For The Stomach

Turmeric is responsible for boosting the secretion of stomach mucous, which fights against damage from gastric acid. It also prevents the growth of toxic organisms and removes them while repairing the stomach lining.

Turmeric For The Liver

By boosting bile productions, turmeric helps decrease cholesterol while helping the liver. When combined with fiber-rich foods, you can effectively clean your system of cholesterol.

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