Another smoothie for weight-loss

You have probably noticed, how popular fruits and vegetables smoothies are. They are consumed either by sportsmen, who need more protein in order to grow their muscles; or by women, who need more their fat to get burnt. In this article we describe another smoothie, which can help you lose your weight easily. Its benefit is in its simplicity and a good taste. So, prepare your note and wrote down the recipe.

Everything we need, in order to prepare our smoothie, is a lemon, green apple and grapefruit. All of these components are affordable in any supermarket around the corner, so they are easy-to be-found. The process of preparation of this smoothie is simple as well: just grab 1 piece of each mentioned product and add them to blender with a cup of water. If this mix seems to you a little bit sour, you can add one spoon of honey. The smoothie is ready to drink.

The features of the listed products are amazing. Green apple fastens your metabolism, balances the sugar level in your blood and provides you with a fiber. Lemons allow you to absorb nutrients better, provide you with a C-vitamin and recude the level of fat in your organism. Grapefruits can help to clean your organism, removing all of the wastes.

You should consume the described smoothie after your meal, once a day. Nutritionists claim, that the visible changes will appear after the 3-4 weeks of such a diet.

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