How to cook applesauce?

In the previous article the benefits of an applesauce were discussed by us. According to the given information, it’s a great source for different kinds of nutrients, vitamins and other components, required for our good health. However, in order to get them, you need to know, what’s needed for the applesauce preparation. Let’s find it out.

It’s obvious, that the first thing you need is apples. The recipe contains information, that only 3 apples are enough for cooking. Surely, you can bring any number of them you want. Honey and cinnamon for a good taste are needed as well.

The procedure of cooking is simple as well. All you need is removing the seeds and heart of each of the apples and cutting them into parts. Then you should bake the apples for 30-40 minutes, in order to give them some special taste. Next you should mash it into a puree.

The following steps are even simpler – just add the cinnamon and honey (their amount depends on your taste), after that you should let the applesauce get cooler. Some people prefer putting it into the fridge, while others like consuming it when it’s warm. It’s up to you, how to eat the applesauce – its useful properties will be saved in any condition.

As you can see, such simple steps can bring you the delicious and useful dessert, which can improve the health of yours and your family. It’s also a perfect solution, if you have your own garden with apple trees.

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