Best Fruits And Vegetables To Eat This Fall – Part One

Autumn harvest brings us many tasteful and healthy fruits and vegetables that we should include in our everyday menu. Here we bring you the list of favorite all-star fall produce, along with each selection’s nutritional benefits.


There’s almost no person in this world that doesn’t fancy apples. This fruit is packed with antioxidants that can prevent chronic illness and slow aging. There are more than 7500 different types of apples, and all of them are packed with numerous vitamins!


Although it’s probably not your favorite food to eat, beats are known for their health benefits. Beets’ contain nutrients including betain, a compound that can help prevent hearth and liver disease and nitrate, which can increase blood flow to the brain and potentially reduce risk of dementia. When selecting, look for firm, smooth bulbs and bright, crips greens if they’re attached.


Cranberries are best between October through November. You’d be surprised to hear that only 5% of cranberries make it to the produce section – the other 95% are dried, canned or turned into juice. Cranberry concentrate can help prevent urinary tract infections and fresh cranberries can prevent oral diseases and slow the growth of breasts, colon, prostate or lung cancer.

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