Why you should definitely stop eating in front of TV

It’s a familiar issue, isn’t it? It seems so convenient to watch TV and consume your foods at the same time. However, scientists claim, that such meals are harmful for your organism. In this article we describe, why it is so harmful.

Humans can only pay their attention to one process. If we eat – we point our attention on our meal, its taste, smell and the amount only. If we watch the TV – our brain analyzes, what’s happening there at the screen. So that we can’t follow both processes at the same time.

And if you have a got a choice, what would you pay more attention to – your cereal or a “Friends” series? Of course, the answer is obvious, – you just skip your breakfast, according to your mind. So that the only thing your brain remembers is TV programme, favourite serial episode, advertising, but not the process of your meal having.

As a result, our stomach can’t feel, whether its full or not properly, with no eye contact with your food. So that your organism won’t be able to state definitely, that it’s not hungry, – you just don’t feel nothing. So you continue on eating more, including some snacks, ice-cream or sandwiches into your menu.

The results are awful: nutritionists claim, that such a simple thing, as eating with TV, can bring you to obesity easily. This problem is especially actual if we are talking about the kids, which focus their attention on a TV-show more.

What’s the solution? Spend time with your family. It’s better to sit in silence together or discuss some important news, some plans or even some of your last books, that you’ve read. Believe me, it will bring you much more joy and pleasure, than any TV content.

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