A perfect product to cook if you are inattentive

Everyone knows that the process of preparing the food requires some time and attention. If you forget about your boiling potatoes, you will get them burnt probably. The same thing concerns overcooking – if you don’t take your potatoes away, they will become look like a cream. Surely, they won’t be looking so delicious.

But the specialists claim that there are some products, which are good with the overcooking. Frankly speaking, it’s almost impossible to overcook them. One of them is mushrooms. This vegetable will be OK even if you boil it too long.

How do we know it? Well, the America’s Test Kitchen project made this experiment and proved it in the real life. In comparison with other vegetables, mushrooms remain tender for the longest period of time, being steamed. This means that in the real life, mushrooms also remain tendered and delicious, even if you keep in pan for too long.

As the scientists claim, there is a simple explanation for the fact that mushrooms are so tender. Their cell structure, as well as the polymers, can withstand heat easily. That’s why they remain their vitamins and minerals as well.

So, forgetting mushrooms in the pan is not dangerous – your dish won’t be spoiled even in this way. On the other hand, mushrooms are quite useful for us, because of their natural ability.

Besides, mushrooms is a universal product. It can be added to the variety of different dishes, so, you won’t face such a problem, as a lack of ideas of cooking mushrooms!

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