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How to reheat your leftovers easily?

Leftovers are perfect when you don’t want to waste much time cooking something new. Imagine: you just come home, spend a couple of minutes on reheating your meal and enjoy it soon.

But the task is not so simple, as it may seem. Different types of food should be reheated in different ways. Let’s discuss them in this article!

The first thing that needs to be mentioned relates to the way you reheat anything. If you use the microwave, the process is simplified: the waves heat your dish from the inside. The classic oven works in a different way, heating your food from the outside.

1.Cut large items into smaller pieces.

If you cook pizza or lasagna, it may be too big for eating at once. That’s why you will reheat them in the future sometimes more. In order to avoid heating the whole item, you should cut the chunks and heat them separately. It will make your dish stay fresh longer.

2.Some dishes are tastier in the oven.

The microwave is fast and convenient way, but it may not suit some types of food. It can make your pizza less crispy, for example. That’s why people often use the oven for heating pasta, pizza, vegetables and other dishes. In this way, they become tastier.

3.Defrost frozen food first.

If you froze your dishes for making them fresh for much longer time, you should remember: defrosting is required before cooking. If you miss this step, your dish will be prepared on the surface, staying frozen inside.

4 tips to make your cooking better

Cooking may also be improved. There are so many useful tips and tricks that improve your cooking, making your dishes much better. We would like to familiarize you with some of these tips.

1.Match the temperature of your plates to the temperature of your dishes

When you invite some guests to your kitchen, one of the things that you should take care of is the temperature of your plates. If you match it to the temperature of your dishes, your guests will be much more pleased with such kind of service. Eating hot food from hot plates is much better – your food doesn’t cool down. Use oven for this aim.

2.Use a wooden cutting board

There is a plenty of cutting boards on the market, which may suit your requests. But according to cooking experts, the wooden cutting boards are much better than the plastic ones. They damage the knives less than any other kind of board; besides they look more attractively as well. Wooden cutting boards, as a rule, are even much more affordable.

3.Reduce the bitterness of your ice tea

Any ice tea is a great idea, but it still has several problems. One of them is its bitterness, that can be reduced as well. Simply but baking soda into your cup and you will see the difference.

4.Try adding vodka to your pie

Vodka is the best solution for your pie if want it to become tender and flaky. All you should do is adding some of this alcoholic drink to the pot. You won’t feel the taste of vodka, but you’ll notice some positive changes in the texture of your pie.

4 useful tips to use salt in your kitchen

The art of cooking has no borders in perfection. You can always learn some new skills, making your dishes even better. In this article we would like to give you some practical advice, related to using salt, that will be useful for you.

1.Add salt to your coffee

Before you brew your ground coffee, you should add a pinch of salt, in order to improve its taste. It may sound strange, but salt makes your coffee taste less bitter. At the very same time, it allows expressing its flavour and strengthening it. Try it and you’ll be amazed!

2.Use kosher or sea salt instead of table salt

Everyone uses a table salt for salting the dishes. But it’s not so practical due to the fact that you don’t really control the level of saltiness. Kosher salt or sea salt have larger crystals. Because of this, they make your dishes’ taste much better. Sea saltly is quite expensive, but a kosher one is more affordable.

3.Don’t salt your salad

If you don’t want your salad to become ‘soggy’ with time, you should not salt it heavily. Instead, you can lightly salt each product before adding it there. Salt brings out the excess of liquid in your vegetables, what allows them staying crunchy and looking much better.

4.Don’t forget to salt your dishes!

Many people who do cooking forget about salt. They make a mistake because this mineral is used to express the flavour of the dish, make it much tastier.

How to use your weekends to save time on workdays?

Planning is an effective way to solve your meal question: ‘What should I prepare tomorrow?’ Every woman (or man) who is keen on cooking knows that sometimes our routine life may become too busy. In these periods we prefer some simple and ‘fast’ dishes. In this article, we’d like to provide you with the tips on how to make your cooking routine better.

The first thing everyone needs for cooking is… products. Right, you should buy some food, in order to be able to prepare something delicious. That’s why the specialists advise creating a plan for shopping, which would remind you everything that you have to buy. The best day for completing such kind of a list is Saturday. This day is available for going to store and buy everything as well. Besides, if you forget something, Sunday is still going to give you such an opportunity.

After the products have been purchased, you should take your time to chop it. That’s the best condition to store your food. After this, you’ll be able to prepare it anytime you want.

One thing should be mentioned here: you’d better get some plastic containers and put your pieces of vegetables, like onions, broccoli, potatoes, and others. Then put them in your refrigerator.

If you don’t have enough time on your workdays, you will have to simply get your containers and boil/fry everything in the right combination. Using this simple strategy, you both save your time and get fresh meals when you need them.

A perfect product to cook if you are inattentive

Everyone knows that the process of preparing the food requires some time and attention. If you forget about your boiling potatoes, you will get them burnt probably. The same thing concerns overcooking – if you don’t take your potatoes away, they will become look like a cream. Surely, they won’t be looking so delicious.

But the specialists claim that there are some products, which are good with the overcooking. Frankly speaking, it’s almost impossible to overcook them. One of them is mushrooms. This vegetable will be OK even if you boil it too long.

How do we know it? Well, the America’s Test Kitchen project made this experiment and proved it in the real life. In comparison with other vegetables, mushrooms remain tender for the longest period of time, being steamed. This means that in the real life, mushrooms also remain tendered and delicious, even if you keep in pan for too long.

As the scientists claim, there is a simple explanation for the fact that mushrooms are so tender. Their cell structure, as well as the polymers, can withstand heat easily. That’s why they remain their vitamins and minerals as well.

So, forgetting mushrooms in the pan is not dangerous – your dish won’t be spoiled even in this way. On the other hand, mushrooms are quite useful for us, because of their natural ability.

Besides, mushrooms is a universal product. It can be added to the variety of different dishes, so, you won’t face such a problem, as a lack of ideas of cooking mushrooms!