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5 Unexpected ways to use your cookie cutter

We are sure that you use your cookie cutters quite often, especially in this holiday season. But in this article, we’d like to draw your attention to the multifunctionality of this tool. Here are 5 unexpected ways you can use cookie cutters in your kitchen!

1.Pancake shaper

Who said that cookie cutters can be used to make a shape for cookies only? Pancakes may be good-looking as well! Simply put a cookie cutter on the frying pan and pour batter inside. In order to make your future pancakes look perfectly fitting the cutter, you should make your batter a little bit thicker, than usual.

2.Candle stencil

Tired of boring pillar candles? You can change them a little, using a cookie cutter. Just place them wherever you want the design of a cutter to appear and tap. This technique allows decorating your home with unique good-looking candles!

3.Cake decoration

Cookie cutters may be perfectly used for decorating the top of your cakes! Simply place it on a cake and pour some coloured sugar inside. Do it carefully, mixing different colours, in order to get a good-looking image.

4.Napkin ring

Would you like to make the napkins on your table look better? Then you should definitely use a cookie cutter as a napkin ring!

It’s simple, just slip the napkin through a cookie cutter and fan it out on both sides.

5.Christmas tree decoration

A set of cookie cutters may be used a tree decoration!