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Different salts to be used while cooking

The majority of people used to use one, maximum two kinds of salts. We are talking about the table salt and probably the sea salt. Most of us don’t even suspect about the existence of several more types of salt that are ready to be used for cooking. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pink salt

If you see a pink salt at your grocery store, you should know that it’s one of the most popular kinds of coloured salt in the world. It’s a Himalayan pink salt, containing trace minerals. People often use it instead of a table salt, because it gives a crunchy texture to your dishes.

Grey salt

This kind of salt comes from another part of the world – from France. It’s one of the most expensive types of salt because it’s hand-harvested in some coastal regions. It tastes great, that’s why it may be used for cooking.1

Flake salt

The only difference that characterises the flake salt is its texture. It’s presented not with the crystals, but with flakes.

Iodized salt

It’s one of the most popular kinds of salt that is used by people. It’s useful for our organism for preventing the lack of iodine in our body. That’s why it’s good for a regular consumption.

Smoked salt

As the name of this product says, this salt was smoked for getting the extra smoky flavour. Its disadvantages are the higher price and the lack of nutritional benefits.


4 useful tips to use salt in your kitchen

The art of cooking has no borders in perfection. You can always learn some new skills, making your dishes even better. In this article we would like to give you some practical advice, related to using salt, that will be useful for you.

1.Add salt to your coffee

Before you brew your ground coffee, you should add a pinch of salt, in order to improve its taste. It may sound strange, but salt makes your coffee taste less bitter. At the very same time, it allows expressing its flavour and strengthening it. Try it and you’ll be amazed!

2.Use kosher or sea salt instead of table salt

Everyone uses a table salt for salting the dishes. But it’s not so practical due to the fact that you don’t really control the level of saltiness. Kosher salt or sea salt have larger crystals. Because of this, they make your dishes’ taste much better. Sea saltly is quite expensive, but a kosher one is more affordable.

3.Don’t salt your salad

If you don’t want your salad to become ‘soggy’ with time, you should not salt it heavily. Instead, you can lightly salt each product before adding it there. Salt brings out the excess of liquid in your vegetables, what allows them staying crunchy and looking much better.

4.Don’t forget to salt your dishes!

Many people who do cooking forget about salt. They make a mistake because this mineral is used to express the flavour of the dish, make it much tastier.