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7 easy dinner recipes for vegans!

Meet isn’t required for preparing a delicious dinner! These 7 simple recipes are going to prove this fact.

1.Three-bean chili

Take 3 types of different beans (cannellini, chickpeas and kidney) and mix them with chilli sauce. The recipe is simple, but the meal is both full of protein and healthy.

2.Asian Hot Pot

There is a super simple recipe for preparing an Asian soup. All you need is mushrooms, carrot, asparagus and Chinese rice noodles. 20 minutes is enough for getting this soup ready. It tastes awesome!

3.Avocado sandwich

Probably all the vegans know, how great avocado is. This fruit is also a rich source of nutrients and protein for your organism. For making a delicious sandwich without meat you just need avocado and some vegetables. That is the real charge of vitamins and minerals!

4.Chickpeas and couscous

A combination of toasted pine nuts with a couscous in this Swiss meal is incredible. This dish has a sweet taste and unique flavour, that’s worth trying!

5.Pasta with olives and capers

We consider pasta to include meat as a required component. But this dish consists of the true Spanish olives and tasty capers. A winning combination!

6.Mediterranean Campanella

This dish comes from the hot Mediterranean region! It consists of delicious pasta with almonds and roasted red peppers.

7.Rigatoni peperomia

Another great recipe for cooking pasta is here. All you need is pasta itself, kalamata olives and some vegetables (carrots, corn, etc). The final combination of those components is great.